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Dragrace - Multiplayer twitch game

How to play:

Dragrace is the face-to-face two-player version of our Scrambler game. Enter your name and password at the login screen. If you're not playing for prizes, you can enter whatever you want. If you are playing in our contest though, you need to enter in your registered username and password. Once you have done so, click submit. You'll soon be matched up with your live opponent.

Once you have your opponent, the dual screen loads the image. The puzzle on the left is yours to solve. The puzzle on the right lets you see every move your opponent makes. You have 10 seconds to see what the complete image looks like. When the timer hits zero, the image scrambles. Click on a piece and drag it to where you think it belongs. When you release your mouse button, the selected pieces will switch places.

If you can recreate the initial image before the clock runs out, you win.

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