Game Help

Copycat Tournament - Multiplayer brain game

How to play:

Currently the tournament is run every hour. When you begin the game, you should see a clock ticking down the minutes until you can enter the tournament bracket itself.

You will be presented with a login screen. Enter a name and a password. The password is used to protect your standing on the leaderboard. If you change your name and/or password each time you play, your wins will not be accumulated on the leaderboard. When the game clocks hits zero, it will allow you to hit submit to login to the game.

Once you login, you will be added to a sixteen person tournament bracket. The game will then pause for several minutes while it allows additonal players to enter the tournament bracket. Once it is full, or the game time arrives, the bracket will close and the game will start. The game itself is identical to Copycat. The sole exception is that winning allows you to move onto the next round of the tournament. In this way, you make your way through stiffer and stiffer competition until you are either beaten or proclaimed champion of that hours tournament!

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