Game help

Copycat - Multiplayer brain game

How to play:

When the game begins, you will be presented with a login screen. Enter a name and a password. If you are playing in the weekly contest, make sure you use your registered username and password. Otherwise, the password is used to protect your standing on the leaderboard. If you change your name and/or password each time you play, your wins will not be accumulated on the leaderboard.

Your opponent arrives after you login. You'll then be presented with a square divided into 30 parts. You and your opponent take turns clicking on two squares to try and find matching icons. You only have ten seconds to make a turn. If the icons match, the squares will be removed and you will get a point, as well as another turn. If they don't match, it becomes your opponent's turn. Whoever scores the highest at the end of the game wins. If one player reaches 8 points, the game is automatically over with that player the winner.

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